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First version of personal GitLab README

# Hello, DFKI fellow! 👋
I'm **Falco Nogatz**, my pronouns are he/his. I studied Computer Science at Ulm University with a focus on web technologies as well as on logic and constraint programming. In my PhD thesis at the University of Würzburg, I adapted the syntax of the Prolog programming language to support a broader range of internal domain-specific languages. I joined DFKI's [*SmartCity Living Lab*]( in Kaiserslautern in March 2021.
## 📫 Contact Me
- [OpenDFKI Mattermost](
- [Email](
- [Twitter](
- [GitHub](
- [Instagram](
- [ResearchGate](
- [Google Scholar](
## 🔬 Research Interests
- Open {Data, Knowledge, Source}
- Logic Programming
- Constraint Programming
- Domain-Specific Languages
## 🧑‍💻 Programming Languages
Prolog | <abbr title="Constraint Handling Rules">CHR</abbr> | <abbr title="JavaScript">JS</abbr> | Bash | PHP | XML & JSON Schema
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