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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ As an acronym for 'Dynamic Queries for document based, personal information spac
* *Orienteering* is an approach where you can find the searching result by exploring the search space with small, multiple steps, giving you overview components for orientation. This takes into consideration the natural searching behavior of humans.
* The *Dynamic Query* approach presents data to the user in a way that she can manipulate search criteria and see the according influences on the fly, as immediate feedback. This can give a better feeling about the manipulated search criteria. Think of it like adjusting light intensity with a potentiometer.
The result was a [desktop search engine](how-to-start) which is still innovative and unique nowadays, year 2021.
The result was a [desktop search engine]( which is still innovative and unique nowadays, year 2021.
Over the years, **DynaQ** becomes the superior name of a whole bunch of textual base technology components used in our projects at [DFKI SDS department]( With the origin implementation as a starting point, DynaQ technology components are still evolving, where we enhance our portfolio with state of the art technology in the context of our research and industry projects.
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