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# GenIe
GenIe is a tool for genetic or evolutionary hyperparameter optimization with entropy analysis. It is written in Java, but can be used language independent with config files and fitness function process calls.
Offered features are:
* Entropy analysis of the evolution generations to rank the impact of parameters
* Parameterize everything relevant for the genetic run inside a [single small config file](
* Optionally, no java coding necessary: offer your fitness/cost function as a [simple process exec call](
* Platform independent as it is written in 100% pure Java
GenIe is implemented on top of the great [watchmaker framework]( It is offered to you for free under the terms of the [​GPLv2 license]( Owner: [DFKI GmbH](
Small entropy analysis example for finding the right summands to get the result '23':
I know I can not make good logos - but you will never forget this project after seeing this one ;)
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