Commit 4634c3f1 authored by Jiezhong Qiu's avatar Jiezhong Qiu Committed by Myle Ott
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remove mrqa eval

parent 2a5d5365
......@@ -20,7 +20,6 @@ from import iterators
from fairseq.trainer import Trainer
from fairseq.meters import AverageMeter, StopwatchMeter
from scripts.eval_squad import eval_dataset
from scripts.eval_mrqa import eval_dataset as mrqa_eval_dataset
def main(args):
dummy_batch_size = args.max_tokens
......@@ -101,8 +100,6 @@ def main(args):
save_checkpoint(args, trainer, epoch_itr, valid_losses[0])
if args.task == 'squad':
eval_dataset(task, trainer.get_model(), task.dataset('valid'), args.data_file, args)
elif args.task == 'mrqa':
mrqa_eval_dataset(task, trainer.get_model(), task.dataset('valid'), args.data_file, args)
print('| done training in {:.1f} seconds'.format(train_meter.sum))
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